How To Make Black Bean and Brown Rice Burgers

I am 5 days into Codewe’s $2 A Day challenge, in which you are challenged to live on the same budget that 20 million Ugandans have to, and I have to say, I’m so glad I’ve done it. I’ve realised that not only can you eat on such a strict budget – albeit with a little planning and a bit more effort – the situation has pushed me into taking risks that I wouldn’t have taken and changing up some cooking habits that needed to be changed.

I’ve also realised that a little food can actually feed a lot. This recipe, with just 1/2 cup rice, 2 cups beans, 1 onion and not even a whole zucchini, makes enough to feed 4 as a main meal, with a little salad added in. I’ll be eating these for lunch for the rest of the week!

How To Make Black Bean and Brown Rice Burgers

How To Make Black Bean and Brown Rice Burgers
How To Make Black Bean and Brown Rice Burgers

You’ll need:

(Makes 8 burgers)

  • 1/2 cup brown rice
  • 2 cups soaked and pre-cooked black beans
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 1/2 zucchini, diced


  1. Place the rice in a pan with 1 cup water and bring to the boil
  2. Bring it down to a simmer and place the lid on the pan
  3. Cook until the water is all gone but before the rice burns to the bottom!
  4. Drain the rice and set aside
  5. Fry the onion and zucchini in a little oil until the onion is brown
  6. Add in the black beans and cook for 5-7 minutes
  7. Remove from the heat and place 2/3 of the mixture in a blender and blend for a few seconds – no more
  8. Place this back into the pan with the other mixture, add in the rice, and mix thoroughly
  9. Allow the mixture to sit and cool for 10 minutes
  10. Divide into 8 portions and shape into patties
  11. Heat a little oil in a pan, and when hot, place 2 burgers into it
  12. Fry for about 4-5 minutes on both sides, then remove from the pan
  13. Repeat with all the other burgers until they’re all cooked
  14. Store any leftovers in the fridge until they’re needed – eat them within a week though!

These burgers are absolutely fantastic served on top of spinach leaves with tomato, and with lime juice and hot sauce drizzled on top!

The great thing about this recipe is that it actually provides a whole protein, and it’s not too hard to make. Beans and rice together are actually the best thing on the planet. Try them and let me know what you think!

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